What is a Search Fund?

Investments come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your risk tolerance, preferences, experience level, and goals, you can choose from a number of different investment types that might check all the boxes. If you’re not interested in starting a new business or investing in a start-up, a search fund could be a better alternative with similar benefits.

Search Fund Key Stats Infographic

This infographic offers an overview of the key research related to search funds as provided by Harvard Business School's "A Primer on Search Funds" completed by Harvard Business School's graduate school of business.

32% Return: The Investing Strategy that Beats Billionaires​

Do you want to learn an investing strategy that beats the returns generated by the greatest investors of all time? I’ve earned 143.3% return on my money from 2017 up to the point of this writing. Investors working with me in our framework of passive investing have beaten Buffett, George Soros, and other wizards of wall street. How did we do that?

Beating Buffet:
Fast FI Portfolio Introduction

This resource ranks and stacks investment strategies to show you how you can achieve a return that beats the legends of Wall Street including Warren Buffett.

What is a Search Fund?

Interested in learning more?We created a Search Fund Primer to give you the information that you need to know

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Search Fund Primer

What is a search fund?

A search fund is a little understood vehicle that allows an acquisition entrepreneur to go purchase a business and run it. 

This method of investing in small businesses offers a passive and outsized return compared to other investment funds. 

In this primer, we delve into the Harvard Business research as well as our own experience related to acquiring small businesses.

Beating Buffett: Fast FI Portfolio Guide

The Beating Buffett Portfolio Guide offers an investing strategy to beat the Titans of Wall Street like Warren Buffett.

  • Investing Secrets of Elites: Learn about the Harvard Business school investing methodology  that returns 3x an index fund.
  • Safe, High Returns: De-risk your high returns using the risk mitigation strategies of billionaires.
  • Fast FI Strategy: Learn an investing method to achieve Financial Freedom in  5 yrs or less.

De-Risk High Returns Spreadsheet

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  • Portfolio Balance Sheet: Get a portfolio balance sheet template to calculate net worth, assets, liabilities, cash flow, and income.
  • Risk Analysis: Download an automated spreadsheet to calculate your portfolio risk and help de-risk your portfolio.

Savvy Saving Spreadsheet

In this resource, we offer the process we use to carry out Zero-Based Budgeting and include a lot of other nuggets of gold for cutting costs, and increasing savings for a small business owner.

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